A photographer and a jeweler, Monica Rich Kosann started looking for antique lockets, cases and compacts for family photos. Eventually, she started her own collection of beautifully designed 18 karat gold lockets and charms. Each piece tells a story and carries a history with it that can be passed down for generations.

Monica Rich Kosann Gold Monica Rich Kosann Silver

Monica Rich Kosann (14)

18K rose gold earth charm

$ 4,475

18K yellow gold double sided lock charm

$ 1,085

Diamond Critter Elephant Charm Necklace

$ 1,100

Four Midi locket

$ 7,685

Four-Image Locket With Diamond Accents

$ 15,850

Genie-in-a-Bottle Charm

$ 2,850

Oval Gate Frame Locket

$ 795

Petite Mother of Pearl Locket

$ 2,450

Petite Sunburst Locket

$ 295