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Custom Engagement Rings at Emerson & Farrar Palm Springs

Couples who choose a custom ring get a piece of jewelry that uniquely embodies their preferences and taste. There are couples who would like a ring that incorporates symbols of their love and relationship. Others love the Old World approach of crafting the ring tailor-made to their needs and likes. If you like being in full control of the composition and design of your engagement ring, come design it with our design team and our jewelers will bring your vision to life.

What makes custom engagement rings at our Palm Springs location such a great choice?

Custom engagement rings are perfect for a lot of reasons. Our customers enjoy having their custom engagement rings made because it’s fun and rewarding.

  • They are one of a kind.
  • They are a direct expression of what you value.
  • They give you the freedom to show your creativity and personalize your ring to reflect your love story and personality.
  • They can combine a number of styles.
  • They give you an opportunity to use gemstones you have and treasure, like those in heirloom pieces.
  • It’s possible to use the metal from jewelry you have but don’t wear anymore.
  • Custom jewelry, especially a ring, inspires conversations.
  • It will also be a beautiful, emotional heirloom.
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Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Benefits of Shopping With Emerson & Farrar

Unique Engagement Rings - Icon

Unique Engagement Rings

Every Emerson & Farrar engagement ring is custom designed exclusively at our in-house factory, located in Redlands, CA.

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Family Owned Since 1959

Emerson & Farrar has been a family owned business since 1959, which means we have the expertise and knowledge to craft your perfect ring.

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Dedicated to Craftsmanship

With our experience, Emerson & Farrar can create your custom engagement ring or wedding ring that will leave a lasting impression.

What’s important to know when Creating your custom engagement rings?

Having your engagement ring custom-made is a process. Even though it’s fun and exciting, you should know what to expect of it.

  • When you are having your engagement ring made for you, it generally takes about 4 weeks.
  • You will actively collaborate with your jeweler in meetings and emails.
  • The jeweler will provide you knowledgeable insights so you can make informed decisions.

What are the steps in creating custom engagement rings at Emerson & Farrar?

Generally, our customers meet with our design team once to three times and there is some communication on the phone and through e-mail. How long it will take largely depends on how complex the design is.

Having a clear idea of what you like certainly makes the process more straightforward. It’s not necessary to have a crystal-clear vision, but it’s very helpful if you know what features you really like and how you plan to wear the ring. This enables our designing team to capture the essence of your idea. They are here to support you with their expertise, experience and feedback. Here are the main points of custom engagement ring design:

  1. Book a meeting with our staff member to make the ring design.
  2. Bring resources such as photos, and the metal or gemstones you would like to use for your engagement ring (if you have jewelry you don’t wear, but you’d like to use its metal and gemstones).
  3. You will participate in the design process, using advanced computer design software allowing you to see the design in three dimensions.
  4. Once the design is approved, it will be printed in wax as a 3D model.
  5. If everything is as you want it, the ring will be cast, pre-polished, set with stones and given the final polish.
  6. Your custom engagement ring is completed and ready to enjoy.
Custom Designed Engagement Ring

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What are the costs of crafting custom engagement rings at Emerson & Farrar Palm Springs?

Custom Designed Engagement Ring on Hand.

The cost of a custom engagement ring depends on the design options. Since these are virtually boundless, it’s difficult to give a ballpark figure. However, we can say that a custom ring can carry the same price as a ring which is on the market.

The advantage with custom rings is that you can leverage the design aspects so that you combine cost-effective options with more luxurious ones. We would love to give you more details on our process in person – feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Why should you entrust Emerson & Farrar with designing your custom engagement rings?

Emerson & Farrar is renowned for being a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on providing jewelry of the very highest quality and exceptional customer service.

Based on high standards, elegance, and imagination, Emerson & Farrar exudes craftsmanship by designing and producing beautiful pieces of jewelry and selling the most exquisitely curated selection of designer jewelry.

Our desire to house and handcraft a unique and extraordinary collection gives us a distinct aesthetic that sets us apart from any other boutique jewelry experience.

A word from our customers

What a wonderful experience!! I have to say how beautiful my rings are!! I may live in San Diego, but I will make the drive for ANY of my jewelry needs! Mr. Landon made them look like new.... he did a FABULOUS job!!

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Lorie W.

Yelp Review

A very lively store- lots of love and good humor! The sales people are knowledgeable and polite- I won't buy my jewelry anywhere else. Thank you for everything I'll be seeing you soon to purchase my matching wedding band!

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Ruby R.

Yelp Review

Just had another fantastic experience at Emerson's. I brought in an idea for a custom engagement ring and they made it happen. Excellent service, lovely pieces, cleaning services, fantastic!! Best jewelry shop in Redlands!

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Lucas W.

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