Custom jewelry design is at the core of Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry ethos. The emotional value of custom jewelry pieces makes custom jewelry design our passion. Our design team at Emerson & Farrar can bring your vision to life and create unique custom jewelry for you to enjoy and cherish.    

Why should you work with Emerson & Farrar on your custom jewelry design Palm Springs?

If you want to work with jewelers who are committed to creating jewelry of timeless beauty and finest quality, made of gold or other precious metals, Emerson & Farrar is your answer. The jewelry making technology at Emerson & Farrar is seldom seen elsewhere. We are a boutique jewelry shop that uses time-honored traditions to make jewelry that lasts a lifetime and more.

What is the process like at Emerson & Farrar when getting your custom jewelry design Palm Springs?  

At Emerson & Farrar, you are involved every step of the way when getting your jewelry piece custom-made. From the initial meeting to the final result, the process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks, even though this largely depends on the complexity of the design.

It all starts with a meeting, in which you discuss your ideas and needs with our team member. Listening to your vision and preferences carefully, we only provide input and guidance as necessary. We encourage you to bring photos and any other material that would bring us closer to your ideas. If you have the metal and gemstones that you would like to use for your custom jewelry piece, you should bring it to this meeting. We can use gold, platinum and gemstones from jewelry you don’t wear anymore.

After this meeting, based on your input and guidelines, our GIA-trained designer makes sketches and wax models. Following a few more meetings in which we perfect the design to be as much a mirror image of your vision as possible, you get your custom jewelry piece to enjoy.

This is the outline of the process step by step:

  1. Schedule a meeting with our team member.
  2. Bring any resources you have, including photos and other jewelry for the idea presentation.
  3. If you have jewelry that you don’t wear anymore and you’d like to repurpose its metal and gemstones for your custom piece, bring it with you to the meeting.
  4. Work with our team member to make a 3D computer design.
  5. Once you approve the design, we will print it in a 3D wax model.
  6. If you are satisfied with the model, the design will be cast, pre-polished, set with gemstones and given the final polish.
  7. You get the jewelry you have designed to cherish and enjoy.

What are the most common occasions for custom jewelry design Palm Springs?

Gifting jewelry is an act of love. Therefore, it’s always the perfect moment to get a custom-ordered jewelry piece, for yourself or someone you love. Still, there are life occasions which are often celebrated and remembered through custom jewelry.


Custom engagement rings are many couples’ favorite choice. Custom engagement rings embody emotions and preferences without any compromises that one might have to make when getting a ring from a collection.


Bridal jewelry is a background detail in comparison to the dress, the hairstyle and the rings, but it plays its role in tying all the elements together. When bridal jewelry is custom made, it becomes a loving gift and a cherished heirloom for future generations. Because it’s custom designed, these pieces reflect the bride’s taste and personality and become an important part of her everyday jewelry collection.

Special moments

Custom jewelry design is a wonderful way to capture life milestones and preserve the sentiment for a lifetime. Some of the events that people usually celebrate with jewelry are: birth of family members, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries.

Resetting heirloom gemstones

Heirloom jewelry is a precious possession. Sometimes heirlooms don’t get enough wear and love because their style is outdated or different from what the wearer prefers. Heirlooms can also get damaged from long wear and so they stay in the jewelry box, out of sight. It also happens that the owner likes the gemstones in an heirloom, but the way they are set doesn’t match their taste. In all these situations, using the stones to create a new piece makes a lot of sense.

Old jewelry redesign

If there are pieces in your jewelry box that you haven’t taken out in a year or more, it would be a good idea to decide whether you want to keep that jewelry as such. There are many things you can do with jewelry you don’t love anymore. You can have it redesigned and its gemstones repurposed. Emerson & Farrar can have the piece redesigned in a way that keeps all the elements you like about it. This way, you can preserve the emotional value of the piece and get a piece of jewelry that you will wear with pleasure.

Call us to schedule your appointment

Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry is situated on 125 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs. We’d love to welcome you to our boutique showroom and discuss with you your needs and vision for custom jewelry design Palm Springs. It would be our honor to design and create jewelry for you to celebrate life and love!