Vintage engagement rings are those made 20 – 100 years ago. This means that vintage engagement rings were made in the Art Deco, Retro and Modern eras. 

What makes vintage engagement rings Palm Springs a great choice?

Vintage engagement rings come with something that majority of modern rings on the market don’t have. Vintage rings are the result of a slow and meticulous process, one which demands equal measures of skill and patience. In most cases, vintage engagement rings were custom-made by hand. Their design is unique in comparison to today’s market. A bride who delights in fashion and past eras is someone who would appreciate a ring of exquisite craftsmanship, such as a vintage engagement ring.

What is important to bear in mind about vintage engagement rings Palm Springs?

We advise you to refer only to a high-quality fine jeweler when shopping for vintage rings. Engagement rings are an investment, and brides usually intend to wear them every day. To avoid inflated prices and counterfeit pieces, the best option is to browse reputable and local fine jewelry shops. These shops are tied to the community and have a tradition. In other words, it is most probable that local fine jewelers will have the highest quality rings and customer service.

What are period characteristics of vintage engagement rings Palm Springs?

The oldest vintage rings belong to the period called Art Deco (1915 – 1935). The one word that describes Art Deco in jewelry and other forms of art is ‘bold’. Designs were geometric and angular, with lots of clean lines in the metal piece and the stones. Diamonds, which were extremely popular, very often featured emerald, baguette and Carre cuts. They were commonly accented with black onyx and red coral. The favorite metal was platinum, but jewelers often used white gold instead because of the cost.

Retro period (1935 – 1950) came next. The femininity and luxury of Retro evokes images of Hollywood stars. A major design motif was combination of symmetry and asymmetry. Retro jewelry has a ‘larger than life’ aura. Diamonds and platinum were prized and preferred. However, gold was as used as ever, in all colors - white, yellow, rose and green. Other stones that were desired were citrine, amethyst and aquamarine. Designs were curvy and feminine, with fluid lines and often with three dimensions, making the rings look like sculptures.

After 1950 began the Modern period, which is still in progress. Vintage rings from the decades following 1950’s are more oriented toward texture. They are lighter, but some things have remained the same like in Retro era – platinum is still favorite metal and the designs feature clean lines.

What other options similar to vintage engagement rings Palm Springs are there?

There are rings which are new, but whose design is inspired by vintage motifs. These rings are a great choice for those couples who love the aesthetics of vintage engagement rings, but don’t like getting a pre-owned ring. Fortunately, there is a number of modern designers whose rings meet these criteria.

Another alternative is to get a custom engagement ring. This way you get a ring that is not only new and vintage-inspired, but also truly reflective of your taste and preferences.

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