Alishan Jewelry: Success Story of a Self-Taught Goldsmith

Success Story of a Self-Taught Goldsmith

Alishan Halebian is an Armenian self-taught goldsmith and the hands and brains behind the captivating Alishan jewelry brand. Alishan jewelry collections include both women’s and men’s jewelry, alternative bridal jewelry, and much more. The story of Alishan’s success in jewelry making is a remarkable and inspiring one.

How it all began

Alishan was born in Armenia, but has lived in the U.S. since 1970. He studied art and design in Los Angeles and worked in the local LA jewelry district. It was then that Alishan started pursuing his passion for jewelry making, helped by his wife and business partner Lydia Tutunjian.

Alishan embarked on a challenging journey trying to teach himself how to work in gold and platinum, silver and oxidized silver, and master different ‘’metalsmith’’ techniques, using a book for a teacher. At the time, Alishan was heavily influenced by German and Swiss goldsmiths. He was particularly drawn to their bold, clean lines and overall minimalist style.

Alishan’s unusual learning process was full of experimenting, which he claims made him a more versatile jewelry maker.

Alishan Jewelry - Bracelet

Masterly treatment of precious metals

With the background of a goldsmith, Alishan treats metal in a masterful way. While his creative imagination yields intriguing designs, his skill as a goldsmith enables him to translate the designs into jewelry of superior durability and resilience.

Jewelry sculptures

Before moving to the United States, Alishan obtained a degree in Ceramics Design. Studying the ceramic art shaped Alishan as a visual artist and made a powerful impact on his jewelry. Even at a glance, we can see that Alishan jewelry is rich in texture, while seeming almost weightless at the same time.

Alishan Jewelry - Earrings

As a student of one of the plastic arts, Alishan finds it natural to perceive jewelry as sculptures. This peculiar perception influences the whole Alishan jewelry making process, from idea to finished product.

Convergence of cultural sensibilities

Being Armenian and possessing a vivacious cultural sensibility, Alishan conceptualizes his jewelry with influences from the East and the West, in the broadest sense. While he incorporates classical art elements of the West, he also explores African artistic motifs. His jewelry is a mix of ‘’cultural references’’, especially reflected in different textures and techniques he employs.

Alishan Jewelry - Necklace

Alishan Engagement Rings: Alternative bridal jewelry

Being an innovative and intuitive artisan, Alishan loves surprising jewelry enthusiasts with unusual combinations of color, texture and gemstone. He particularly enjoys making alternative bridal jewelry that would appeal to younger generations. Alishan bridal jewelry has clean and simple lines, but features signature Alishan ornamentation.

When creating engagement rings, Alishan looks for alternatives to the white diamond/white gold combination and often uses rose cut diamonds.

Inspiration drawn from life

A true visionary artist, Alishan is able to find inspiration almost anywhere. With a keen artistic eye, he perceives the world around him and discovers intricate designs for his jewelry. His creative genius is excited by a variety of everyday and extraordinary objects, from monumental sculptures and buildings to mundane objects such as chairs and shoes.

In Alishan’s own words: ‘’Whenever I find a strong manifestation of the human soul, I get inspired.’’

Alishan jewelry: Universal appeal and lasting effect

Even though Alishan jewelry is individualistic, there is still something universal about each collection. The opulence captured in metal and stone is not flashy or extravagant, but elegant and sophisticated.

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