Can Diamond Rings Get Scratched?

It is an often-repeated axiom that diamonds, touted as the hardest substance on earth, are impervious to scratches. However, as purveyors of exquisite, hand-crafted diamond jewelry, we at Emerson Fine Jewelry know that there is more to this claim than meets the eye. This article will provide a nuanced understanding of diamond hardness and shed light on whether your precious diamond ring can indeed be scratched.

The Mohs Scale: Understanding the Hardness of Diamonds

The hardness of gemstones is measured on the Mohs scale, named after Friedrich Mohs, the German geologist who introduced it. Diamonds proudly reign at the top of this scale, securing the maximum rank of 10. This signifies that diamonds have the highest scratch resistance compared to all other natural materials.

However, it's important to note that hardness and toughness are not synonymous. While diamonds are extraordinarily hard, they're not invincible. The diamond's hardness implies resistance to scratches from most substances, but not immunity to chipping or breaking due to a strong impact.

Can Diamonds Get Scratched?

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds can indeed get scratched, albeit by a very select few substances. Only other diamonds or some super-hard industrial materials, which are not typically encountered in everyday life, have the capability to scratch a diamond.

Furthermore, each diamond is a unique creation of nature, with its unique structure and internal inclusions. These factors can potentially affect a diamond's resilience against scratches.

Everyday Situations That Could Potentially Scratch Your Diamond Ring

Your heirloom-quality diamond ring can face potential threats from unexpected circumstances. The hand-crafted setting and design of your diamond ring play a crucial role in protecting your diamond. Here are a few common situations that could potentially lead to your diamond getting scratched:

  • Rubbing Against Other Diamonds: Storing diamond rings together or wearing multiple diamond rings on the same finger can lead to diamonds scratching each other.
  • Rough Handling: Though diamonds are extraordinarily hard, a severe blow can chip or scratch them, especially along the edges of the points of a fancy-shaped diamond.

The Impact of Scratches on a Diamond

A scratch on a diamond can impact its brilliance by disrupting the path of light through the diamond. While a minor scratch might not affect the overall beauty and performance of the diamond, it may slightly diminish its value. A professional jeweler may be able to polish out the scratch, but this could result in a slight reduction of the diamond's size.

How to Prevent Diamond Rings from Getting Scratched

To ensure your diamond ring remains as timeless as the day you acquired it, here are some tips to keep your ring safe:

  • Store Properly: When not wearing your diamond ring, store it separately in a jewelry box with individual compartments.
  • Remove During Heavy Tasks: Take off your ring during heavy-duty tasks to avoid any accidental impact.

What to Do If Your Diamond Ring Gets Scratched

Discovering a scratch on your diamond ring can be disheartening. However, you have options:

  • Professional Inspection: Bring your ring to a professional jeweler like us at Emerson Fine Jewelry for a thorough inspection.
  • Repair and Polishing: Depending on the depth and location of the scratch, the diamond may be repolished or recut to remove the scratch.


While diamonds are indeed the hardest known substance, they are not entirely impervious to scratches. However, with proper care and handling, you can ensure the longevity of your diamond ring. 

At Emerson Fine Jewelry, our commitment to quality service and ethical business practices ensures that your diamond remains an enduring symbol of love and commitment. As we always say, "If you can dream it, we can design it!"

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