How Should Engagement Rings Fit?

Choosing an engagement ring that fits properly is essential. While a ring that is too tight can be painful to wear and challenging to take off, a ring that is too loose risks falling off and getting misplaced. The following advice will help you make sure your engagement ring fits properly:

How To Get The Perfect Size Engagement Ring

Get Sized

Having your engagement ring professionally sized by a jeweler is the first step in making sure it fits. Ring sizers and mandrels are just a couple of the instruments jewelers use to gauge the size of your finger. To find the optimum fit, they will measure your finger's diameter and circumference.

Think about the Width: The band's width might have an impact on how the ring fits. A little larger size may be necessary for a broader band than for a thinner band. Taking into account the band's form is also crucial. Some bands are bent or tapered to fit the finger more comfortably.

Consider Finger Swelling

Depending on conditions like temperature, humidity, and degree of activity, your finger size can change over the course of the day and overtime. To guarantee a precise fit, it's a good idea to get your finger measured on various days and at various times of the day. Moreover, you might want to think about choosing a slightly larger size if you want to wear your ring for lengthy periods of time, like during a workout or while traveling, to accommodate for any potential finger swelling.

Try it On

After determining your ring size, try on various ring designs to discover which ones feel most comfortable on your finger. Others choose a tighter fit, while others prefer a looser fit. It's crucial to get a ring that fits snugly and securely on your finger.

If your band is too loose or too tight, you might want to think about resizing it. Most jewelers can do this to make the ring more comfortable to wear on your finger. Resizing, however, may not be achievable with some designs or materials and can compromise the ring's structural integrity. Working with a competent jeweler who can give you advice on the best course of action is recommended.


In conclusion, a crucial step in ensuring your engagement ring is secure and comfortable on your finger is making sure it fits properly. You can find the ideal fit for your engagement ring by having it professionally sized, taking into account the width and form of the band, accounting for finger swelling, trying on various styles, and taking resizing possibilities into consideration.