Introducing Kwiat - Our Top Picks

Kwiat - Our New Favorite

We recently partnered with the diamond “do it all” company, Kwiat. Kwiat has been around for over 100 years. The diamond company got their early start when Sam Kwiat founded their family-owned business on Canal Street- what would become home to what we now know as Chinatown and Little Italy in New York! However, it wasn’t always tourists and knock off handbags, Canal Street was the original New York Diamond District. Canal Street was originally trade marked as the diamond district of New York and harvested the early start to several famous and popular jewelry companies now located around the United States.  

One distinguishing factor that sets Kwiat apart from the rest of the diamond vendors in the world is their incredibly beautiful and exclusive cut, the Ashoka Diamond cut. This stunning diamond has a very unique arrangement of 62 facets which creates the brilliance seen in the stone! Due to the unique cut that the stone embodies, the Ashoka not only appears 30 to 50 percent larger than other stones but, it also creates an illusion to appear 1-2 color grades higher than its GIA certification color grade. The Ashoka diamond is an absolute must see and is sure to dazzle anyone!

We love our hand-picked collection of Kwiat diamond jewelry! We have displayed our Kwiat collection at our local Redlands pop-up-shop location until we are able to move back into our beautifully restored and re-designed location downtown!

It is so hard to narrow down any favorites from this amazing collection so we chose the items that have been some of our customer favorites. 

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Kwiat Eclipse Bypass Diamond Ring

This Eclipse Bypass Diamond Ring has a total of 1.31 carats of diamonds, both round and marquise cuts! These brilliant diamonds are G/H in color and VS2 in clarity. This ring is sure to dazzle all the way through the holiday season! 

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Kwiat Sunburst Diamond Earrings

Our Sunburst Diamond Earrings are the perfect accessory when looking for the “right” amount of diamond. These round brilliant beauties have a total of 0.89 carats of G/H, VS2 diamonds. These diamond halo studs are secured by 18K post and push backs.   

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Kwiat Mionlight Diamond Bracelet

The Moonlight Diamond bracelet is a customer favorite because it can be worn for both everyday errands as well as extravagant outings! This stunning piece comes in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, creating the perfect look for anyone! Who wouldn’t want to be seen with this Kwiat bangle and a whole carat of diamonds on their wrist? 

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Message us today on our live chat feature or head into one of our locations to speak with one of our amazing professionals about adding some Kwiat bling to your jewelry collection!