Want to Sell Gold in Redlands CA? Test It First!

Is it Real?

If you have gold or gold jewelry you would like to sell, you want to achieve the best possible price. However, you may want to make sure your gold is genuine before taking it to a Redlands CA dealer for evaluation. Here are some of the commonly used tests for identifying fake gold.

The Magnet Test

It’s common knowledge that gold doesn’t attract magnets; fake gold and gold alloy do. The magnetic test is highly convenient since all it requires is a small magnet. If the magnet is attracted to your gold item, the item is not real gold.

Nevertheless, the fact that the item attracted the magnet doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no gold in it. It simply means that the item is not entirely made of gold, which would affect its resale price.

You may also have gold coins which are actually only gold on the surface. By using the magnet, you can discover whether there are any underlying metals.

The Sinking Gold Test

This is another extremely convenient and safe test. All you need is a cup, jug or bowl of water, depending on the size of the gold item. Drop the item into the water. If it’s real gold, it will immediately sink to the bottom. If not, the gold is fake. Counterfeit gold will either float or hover just above the bottom of the water container. What’s more, real gold wouldn’t chance its color if you sank it in water.

The Skin Discoloration Test

You may have heard that discoloration will appear on your skin from wearing fake gold jewelry. What many people believe to be a myth is actually true. The reason behind the discoloration is a simple chemical reaction. Namely, fake gold reacts with the perspiration on the skin. As a result, traces of black or green appear on the skin. To perform the test, all you need to do is hold the item in your hand for a few minutes, and see if there is any discoloration.

The Liquid Foundation Test

For this unusual test, you need to apply liquid foundation and powder to your forehead and then rub the item across the area. If the gold is real, it will leave a black streak.

The Acid Test

The first thing to point out is that the acid test shouldn’t be done on jewelry but only scrap gold. Gold jewelry such as engagement rings, earrings or other may contain gemstones that can easily be harmed by acid. Acid cannot harm genuine gold, but it is better not to take your chances with pieces you plan to keep or have a marked esthetic value.

To conduct this test, you first need to make a small indentation on the gold’s surface. Afterwards, you should apply a tiny drop of acid into the indentation. Real gold won’t react with acid, but alloys such as copper, zinc and sterling silver will. For example, you may see a greenish-colored reaction, which is a clear tell-tale sign the gold isn’t real.

Have the gold professionally tested and evaluated

At Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry, seasoned estate buyers and graduate gemologists will test your gold and give you an honest, informed price estimate on the spot. What’s more, when you bring your gold to sell to our Redlands CA store, you can expect an immediate payment. Visit us in store in Redlands or Palm Springs to get a professional gold appraisal and competitive prices for your unwanted gold!