The Colorful Story of Doves Jewelry by Doron Paloma

The Colorful Story of Doves Jewelry by Doron Paloma

Doves by Doron Paloma is a jewelry brand launched in 1980 by Doron Hakimian, the company’s president and chief designer. The brand has garnered worldwide press and A-list celebrity attention for its playful designs, captivating background story and heirloom quality. Doves juxtaposes classic elegance with contemporary designs in a way that strikes a chord with different generations of jewelry enthusiasts.

Here’s the story behind a jewelry brand that captivated the fancy of impeccably styled celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, Celine Dion, Taylor Swift, and many more.

The Doves Difference

Doves jewelry collections showcase a myriad of highly distinct styles. Interestingly, Doves jewelry pieces are made only with 18 karat gold, colorful diamonds and other precious gemstones. Every piece of Doves jewelry is handcrafted with care and keen attention to detail by in-house artisans. The focus is on the specific combination of color and shape. Doves designers play with different gemstone color sensibilities and complement them with a shape that achieves the desired artistic effect.

Hakimian is also widely acclaimed for incorporating doublets and triplets into his jewelry collections. Using this innovative technique, he is able to use even the thinnest and most fragile gemstone deposits for his jewelry. With doublets, a thin or fragile layer is adhered onto a strong backing. As a result, he creates a single gemstone that looks elegantly fragile but is extremely durable. The same technique is used for triplets, with the addition of a transparent layer on top.

The Colors of Doves

‘’Color is my favorite language, ’’ said Hakimian. He designs his collections with a specific medley of colors in mind. Each color carries a specific set of emotions, which he uses as a source of inspiration. As a highly sensitive artist, Hakimian aims to convey different color sensibilities. For example, with doublets and triplets, he carefully combines gemstones with the backing to get the exact hue he envisioned. This is what gives Doves jewelry a distinct sensibility and appeal.

Doves Jewelry - Amethyst & Mother of Pearl Bangle

The Architecture of Doves Jewelry

Before launching his jewelry brand, Hakimian got a degree in architecture, his long-lasting passion. In his own words, it’s his ‘’understanding of space and shapes and how to work with them both’’ that distinguishes his jewelry from other brands. His keen sense of visualization enables him to picture what certain shapes and sizes will look like when worn. So, for example, he purposely designs the rings to make a woman’s finger look slender and elegant.

Doves Jewelry - Turquoise & White Topaz Chandelier Earrings

The Symbolism of Doves

The symbolism of Doves jewelry hides in the story behind the brand’s name. The name was created by Hakimian’s parents, who fled from the war-torn Middle East to the U.S., hoping for a new beginning for their family. A herald of peace, the dove symbol was adopted by the family to remind them of the incredible journey they’d made.

Today, the symbol is evocative of the family’s core values: integrity, hard work and strive for excellence. Each Doves piece features a hand-stamped dove motif. This tiny detail serves to remind the wearer that there is more to Doves jewelry than meets the eye.

The Heirloom Quality of Doves

With an inspiring background story, universal appeal of distinct styles and exceptional craftsmanship, Doves jewelry has long established itself as a brand of heirloom quality. By combining contemporary fashion sensibility with classic elegance, Hakimian’s creative team has been able to create pieces of enduring beauty, artistic relevance and long-lasting value.

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