The 6 Jewelry Trends This Season That You MUST Have

The 6 Jewelry Trends This Season That You MUST Have!

Let us, at Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry, guide you toward all the trends this season. Here are the six hottest trends you will be seeing this season that you will just HAVE to have!

1. Gold Layered Necklaces!

Get ready for yellow gold, and a lot of it! This season’s most sought after metal type is gold and we are loving it! The biggest sources in fashion are telling us to keep layering those gold necklaces until you think you’ve gone too far... And then add one more!

One of our newest brands we now carry in store, Maison Birks, has given us all the tools to successfully layer ourselves in gold this season. We have created one of our favorite, of many, ways you can layer yourself in Birks.

Birks Lifestyle Necklace

2. Color, Color & More Color!

Coral, Lapis, Turquoise and much more! These are just a few of the colors that are in this season and we are here to help you find the most colorful accessories. One of our in-store, and online, brands--Ginette NY carries all of this season’s hottest trends, and at the most amazing prices, so you won’t miss out on anything. We’ve taken the liberty of putting together just a few of the most trendy and colorful pieces we have to offer from Ginette, that would be the most ideal, and colorful set for anyone this fall.

Ginette Lifestyle rings

3. The More the Merrier, Rings that Is

Rings are so much fun to buy and collect because you can never have enough! After seeing Ila’s brand-new seasonal pieces, we have fallen in love with stacking our rings all over again. These “Boyfriend” stackers are the most trendy yet, simplistic bands that we can guarantee will go with anything in your closet. We have created our favorite three stacks of bands that you can find both online and in-store at Emerson Fine Jewelry.

Ila Rings Ila rings 2 Ila rings 3

4. Pearls are Back! Tell Your Friends!

If you think accessorizing with pearls is a thing of the past then you are sadly missing out on possibly the greatest trend that is resurfacing this season. Mikimoto, the icon of the pearl industry is now be available at Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry. We wanted to briefly show you a few of the amazing beauties we have handpicked to add to our collection, which you can find online and in-store.


5. Vintage

Vintage and antique accessories have always been a wardrobe staple over the years: vintage clothing, vintage handbags and of course, vintage jewelry. Our beloved brand Van Craeynest not only offers that adored antique engagement ring style but also a rich 93 year history! Each Van Craeynest masterpiece is handmade through the art of die-striking, carving, piercing and chasing.

Van Craeynest

6. One of a Kinds

We are excited to announce that we now have four “One of a Kinds” from the renowned designer Gurhan himself. The Artist behind all the magic has truly outdone himself this season. Since it would be practically impossible to choose our favorites out of this collection, we figured you'd just come to check out the masterpieces for yourself!

Gurhan one of a kind