The Ultimate Anniversary Guide!

An anniversary is one of the most special celebrations to have each year, and they just keep getting sweeter! The celebration of long lasting love, commitment and gratitude cannot be matched. We have compiled together a list of the perfect gifts to give to your special someone. Every year, a little something that sparkles can tie the day together, it’s the small reminders that mean the most! 
Pearls are delicate, fresh and sophisticated. We carry Mikimoto pearls which are the finest in the world. In 1893, the Mikimoto founder successfully created the world’s first cultured pearls. This means they have a grading system as diamonds do, and are very consistent in size and shape. They are as rare as the love you share with your special person and would be a gorgeous addition to their fine jewelry collection. 
Diamonds are not just for engagement rings and can add a lot of beauty into your significant other’s collection. Studs, bracelets and necklaces are all great choices that can be dressed up or down. This adds a fun opportunity for them to show off a brand new diamond and bring some of that fresh engagement spark back! Whenever they wear their jewels, they will think of you! 
Updating Your Engagement Ring:
A super fun anniversary present would be to update their diamond in their engagement ring! They might want to go bigger, for a different shape, more dainty or invest in a stone that suits them better now. We carry ethically mined diamonds and lab created diamonds. If just updating the stone isn't enough, they might want to rework their old stone into a new setting! This can be such a fun gift as a surprise by choosing our Diamond and Design package, or coming in together and sharing the experience.
For Him:
Anniversary gifts for him can be so hard to nail down, especially if you feel like your guy has it all! A gift from the heart is the best way to go. We recommend a dinner at a place you both love, and surprising him with a Shinola watch or updated wedding band. A gift such as a watch is useful, and engravable, so let him know how timeless your love is! An updated wedding band is so fun to show off. If he’s a man that takes pride in his style, he will have so much fun putting on his most important piece of jewelry each morning with his favorite outfit!
Custom Anniversary Bands:
Adding an anniversary band (or a few!) is a way to keep updating your wedding set to current style. It is so much fun to change things up, you can go for more sparkle, texture, add a daintiness, or glam it up! What’s fun about some anniversary bands, such as an infinity band, is that they can be worn on other fingers when the ring is not paired with the engagement ring. That’s why having a few can be so fun!
We hope you enjoyed our fun anniversary guide! We love to celebrate love, and wish you many more years together!

-Your Friends at Emerson