What is Diamond Color?

The color of a diamond refers to how yellow or how clear a diamond is. It is actually very rare to find a purely clear diamond in nature. All diamonds are sold on a color spectrum. The highest quality diamonds are colorless and reduce in quality as more of a tint is shown in the diamond. 

Diamond color is measured according to standards set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The color scale starts at D, which is colorless, and ranges all the way to Z, which has a light brown or yellow color to it. On the scale between D and Z, there are many color ranges, mostly with a range of colorless to slightly yellow.

Buying a diamond based on color is one of the aspects of the 4C’s of diamonds and is very important. A diamond can vary in price solely because of the color. If you buy a colored diamond, these can be very prized pieces. Some diamonds can be light blue, pink, and yellow. Though if you are purchasing a white diamond, the yellow tint is not desirable. 

Colorless diamonds, however, are rare and a lot more desirable than colored diamonds. You’ll find that these are a lot higher in value than anything that has any sort of color in it. 

What Is The Best Color For A Diamond?

While this can be subjective to your fiance-to-be’s preferences, according to the GIA scale, there is a “best” color for a diamond to be. On the color scale, D is the best color you can get for a diamond. This rating means that there is no shade of yellow in the stone. The diamond is completely clear. 

However, when you buy a diamond, it is recommended that you get a stone between colors G, H, or I. This is because the setting of your ring can affect the color of the stone. If you were to purchase a D color diamond and had a Rose Gold band, your diamond may look discolored. 

Why Opt For the Darker Color?

In the event that you purchase a yellow gold or a rose gold band, your diamond will look a little discolored. You can purchase a darker-colored stone, say something around an H or an I rating, and spend the money on a larger carat or a higher cut. You could also invest the money you save in a higher-quality band as well. 

The Diamond Color Scale

Here are some important things to know about the diamond color scale:

  • Colorless and absence of color indicate good value
  • Professionals should always color grade diamonds. 
  • The grade and value will differ between the colored and colorless diamonds. 
  • The setting can affect the diamond’s color


Diamonds come in a variety of colors. With Emerson Fine Jewelry, you will find a wide array of different color diamonds, all along the spectrum of scale. You can find the diamond to match your budget and your style. Contact us today to start planning out the ring of your dreams!