Custom Engagement Rings Redlands

What is a Custom Engagement Ring?

Custom Engagement Ring

A custom engagement ring is one tailored to your vision and taste. Couples who go for custom engagement rings Redlands, often do so because they want to make the ring an exceptional symbol of their story. Other times, they simply can’t find a ring that includes all the elements they want in the arrangement they want. If you want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your engagement ring, there’s no better way than designing it with our in-store designer and having it made by our jewelers.

Why Are Custom Engagement Rings Just Perfect?

There is a host of reasons why you should go for custom-designed engagement rings.

  • Your engagement ring will be creative and personal, completely individualized to your story and to the personality of the fiancée.
  • Your ring will express your values and interests.
  • There won’t be another ring like yours.
  • You could reset stones you already have and cherish, such as stones in heirloom rings.
  • You can use the gold and platinum you already have in jewelry which doesn’t appeal to you anymore.
  • You can incorporate several styles in just one ring.
  • Your engagement ring will forever be a conversation starter.
  • Your engagement ring can become a wonderful, personal heirloom for future generations.

The process of making a custom engagement ring is rewarding and fun, because you get exactly what you want! However, bear in mind what the project of getting a custom engagement ring entails.

What Should You Keep in Mind Regarding Custom Engagement Rings?

Creating a custom engagement ring is a thoughtful and beautiful idea, but there are some things you should consider before you set off in that direction.

  • Designing an engagement ring could take longer than getting one that’s already available. In the majority of cases it takes between 4 and 6 weeks.
  • The project will also require your active collaboration and involvement. You will have to meet with the jeweler a few times and also communicate via mail.
  • Be prepared for the jeweler’s input and feedback.

What’s the Process Like For Custom Engagement Rings?

Let us design a custom engagement ring for you

The basic outline of the process is one to three meetings with our designing team and some correspondence via phone and e-mail. The length of the process depends on the complexity and requirements of the design.

The one thing you can do to expedite the process is determine as precisely as possible what you want. The clearer your vision, the easier it will be for you and the whole team to make the dream come true. We completely understand that as fantastic and enjoyable as it may be to design the engagement ring yourself, you may feel daunted by the scope of decisions to make. The input and support you get from the design team is invaluable at this point, but here are some key question for you to go over:

  • Which metal would you like?
  • What would you like the center stone to be?
  • Would you like it solitaire or flanked?
  • Would you like the ring to be with diamonds, colored gemstones or a combination?
  • Would you like a plain shank or pave?
  • Would you like filigree work?

These are the steps of the Emerson Fine Jewelry process:

  1. Make an appointment with one of our staff to design the ring.
  2. Bring all of your ideas, photos etc.
  3. If you already have gold/platinum and/or stones you want to use to create your new ring, make sure you bring them.
  4. We will make a design together using 3D computer design.
  5. When you approve the design, we will print it in wax on a 3D printer.
  6. Your ring will be cast, pre-polished, the stones set and a final polish placed on the ring.
  7. Your custom ring is ready for you to cherish and enjoy (and propose!).

How Much do Custom Engagement Rings Cost?

Since design options for custom engagement rings are almost limitless, the prices also vary accordingly. What is true is that a custom engagement ring can cost you as much as one which is “on shelf”. The choice of metal and the carat of the gemstones can be leveraged to reduce the cost, as can the elaboration of the design. Don’t hesitate to contact Emerson  Fine Jewelry for more information on custom engagement rings!

Why Choose Emerson Fine Jewelry For Your Custom Engagement Rings?

Emerson Fine Jewelry is a boutique jewelry shop, owned and operated in the family. Our mission is to deliver you highest-quality jewelry, craftsmanship and customer care. The jewelry we make and the technology and techniques we use are extremely rare and time-honored traditions. Call us or visit us in our showroom on 27 E State St, Redlands today! We would love to help you make a ring that will be a timeless expression of your love.

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