Maintenance Tips by Top Die Struck Jewelry Manufacturers

Every piece of die struck jewelry is a possession to cherish and pass on from generation to generation. As jewelry of unsurpassed heirloom quality, it needs proper care to ensure its longevity. Luckily, die struck jewelry is more durable and less prone to everyday wear and tear than any other type of jewelry. As a result, it’s not challenging to maintain.

Nevertheless, you certainly want your invaluable pieces such as die rings or earrings to sparkle like new for decades to come. Below are some practical cleaning and maintenance tips provided by top die struck jewelry manufacturers to help you out.

Choose the cleaning product based on the metal and stone

Jewelers at Van Craeynest, a renowned die struck jewelry manufacturer, always advise the customers to pick the jewelry cleaning solution based on the metal and stone type.

Van Craeynest produces die struck jewelry with 18k gold and 90% platinum and uses diamonds and colored stone mêlée, which determines the choice of the best cleaning product. For example, gold may turn somewhat dark over time. To prevent this, it should be cleaned with a product that contains ammonia and plenty of water. The same goes for platinum jewelry.

However, as ammonia is very strong, the jewelry shouldn’t be soaked and left in the solution for too long. Diamonds are very durable gemstones so they can be cleaned with solutions containing ammonia, provided they are not soaked in it for a long time.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to consult your jeweler about the best professional cleaning solution to use for the piece. Artisans at Van Craeynest would be happy to advise you on the best cleaning product for the die struck piece you have purchased.

Use a soft brush to clean dust and other residue

Before you apply the cleaning product, you need to clean all the dust and any other residue from the piece. Use a soft brush or toothbrush to dust off the tiny particles. You might want to use a magnifying glass for dusting off debris since some particles can be invisible to the naked eye.

Apply cleaning product with a soft cloth

You have chosen the right cleaning product and cleaned all the dust and debris from the piece. Now is the time to apply the cleaning solution and clean the piece new. To do this, you need a soft cloth. Apply the solution onto the cloth but make sure the cloth is only damp and not wet. After all, you are cleaning only the surface of the piece.

Rub the solution gently onto the surface of the jewelry piece using the soft cloth. Use soft cotton swabs for jewelry that has little crevices or any other features you cannot reach with the cloth.

Dry off thoroughly

When you are done cleaning the piece, make sure to dry it off thoroughly. Any leftover liquid can cause moisture to form on your favorite jewelry. In turn, moisture can stick to the setting and cause damage to the piece. To dry the piece, flip it upside down for about 15 minutes. The gravity will make sure all moisture flows away.

Polish the jewelry with a special cloth

Lastly, to show off the mirror-like luster of your die struck piece, finish the cleaning off with a polish. Use a special polishing cloth; you can buy one online or in your local jewelry store. This inexpensive cloth will help you bring out all the sparkle from your favorite die struck jewelry.

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