5 Most Beautiful Van Craeynest Die Struck Rings

Van Craeynest is truly a remarkable brand. Artisans at Van Craeynest workshop not only die jewelry of unrivaled quality but also use original Van Craeynest designs from the Victorian and Art Deco areas. Van Craeynest workshop has its own set of vintage dies that are used in the die striking process.

Intricate designs and unsurpassed durability are one of the most prominent features of Van Craeynest die struck rings. Since the metal hardens after being die struck, the artisans can employ sensitive art forms such as hand engraving to create sophisticated designs. What’s more, the metal’s altered configuration ensures that the ring will remain resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Below are some of the most popular designs for Van Craeynest die struck rings.

Van Craeynest 1012 Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

The beautiful engagement ring is handmade, die-struck, pierced, carved, and hand-chased in 18K yellow gold with diamonds.

More specifically, this ring is made with a die and a force. A force is a male end die that pushes the metal deeper into the mold die to bring out the design on larger rings. The style of the ring is stamped twice to make two halves, which are later welded together.

Round Brilliant Cut center stone is a 1.02 carat GIA certified diamond, J color and SI2 clarity. Round brilliant cut side diamonds are ideal cut, 0.04 carats in total weight, F-G color and VS clarity.

Van Craeynest 1012 Yellow

Van Craeynest 457 Platinum Engagement Ring

This coveted piece is a handmade, die-struck on Van Craeynest large press, carved, and hand-chased engagement ring in platinum with diamonds.

Diamonds are set in shields and pistols. The Round Brilliant Cut center diamond is GIA-certified 1.07 carat in total weight, H color, and VS2 clarity. Side round brilliant cut diamonds are 0.03 carats in total weight, F-G color, and VS clarity.

Orange blossoms are hand-chased, giving the ring a unique look that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Van Craeynest 457 White

Van Craeynest L32 Men’s Ring

This exquisite men’s ring is handmade through the sophisticated die struck process. It features a carved, and hand-chased band in platinum. The center stone is a 0.60 carat AAA Round Brilliant Cut sapphire.

Due to the thickness and width, this style must be struck more times on the largest percussion press in the Van Craeynest workshop. Ryan Emerson, the lead Die Striker, continually heats the ring with a torch to soften the ring, trim the excess flashing, and re-strike the ring until all the detail comes out. The ring is later rounded, filed, carved, chased, stone set, and finally polished.

Van Craeynest L32 Men's

Van Craeynest 457 Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

This breathtaking engagement ring features a 0.59 carat Old European Cut center diamond, K color and SI1 clarity. Side round brilliant cut diamonds weigh 0.03 carats in total, and are of F-G color, and VS clarity. Like other Van Craeynest rings, it’s handmade, die-struck, carved, and hand-chased in 18K yellow gold.

At Van Craeynest, 50% of the strike is done on a specialized press to show where to inlay the platinum shields. The craftsmen then solder the shields onto the gold, and strike the piece again, producing a very crisp looking platinum on gold inlay 457. Inlaying metal and die striking gives a look that cannot be replicated with any other method.

Van Craeynest 457 Yellow

Van Craeynest 1034 Platinum Band

The 18K yellow gold and platinum band is handmade, die-struck, carved, and hand-chased. It has an antique finish and features round brilliant cut diamonds of 0.09 carats in total weight. Diamonds are ideal cut, have F-G color, and VS clarity.

After the metal inlay process identical to that of 457 yellow gold engagement ring, the 1034 band undergoes extensive carving and chasing. Carving sets the proper foundation and look, while chasing gives the piece a flowing organic 3D look with a matte finish. Both of these skills are becoming a lost art that Van Craeynest artisans continue to practice and teach.

Van Craeynest 1034 Yellow Band

Outstanding Quality and Artistry: Van Craeynest Die Struck Rings

At Emerson Fine Jewelry you can admire an exquisite collection of Van Craeynest die struck rings in person. You can also take a tour of the one-of-a-kind Van Craeynest workshop and see the original die striking tools and equipment dating back to the Victorian times. If you are shopping for an engagement or wedding ring, a wedding or anniversary band, Van Craeynest offers a wide selection for you to choose from. In addition to a high-quality and durable piece of jewelry, you will also be taking a little piece of history and tradition home with you. Book an appointment or visit us at 27 E State St, Redlands, CA 92373.