Ethical Sourcing

At Emerson Fine Jewelry, our dedication to quality goes hand in hand with our commitment to the highest level of ethical integrity. It is a foundation of the way we do business, so transparency and understanding our impact also become a part of the ethical commitment that we make to our customers, and ourselves.

The Kimberley Process

In the year 2000, the diamond-producing states of South Africa met in Kimberley with the mission to remove “conflict diamonds” from trade in the world market. In December of the same year, The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution supporting the creation of a certification process for rough diamonds.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme requires that shipments are certified as “conflict free” to prevent any other diamonds from entering into trade. As of November 2013, there are 54 participants representing a total of 81 countries—a vast majority of the stakeholders in the diamond producing, exporting, and importing countries. We are pleased to support this landmark initiative. For more information about the KPCS, please visit their website.