Jewelry Appraisal in Redlands CA

What is jewelry appraisal?

Jewelry appraisal is a legal document, providing a statement of the monetary value of a piece of jewelry for a specific purpose stated and according to current trends in a specific market. The jewelry item is examined and evaluated by our appraiser. The appraisal includes both the metal and the gemstones.

Our store appraisals last for ten years and the report will contain the following information:

  • Date and client information
  • The purpose of the appraisal
  • A detailed and easily intelligible description of the jewelry item or items appraised
  • Value of the item or items appraised
  • Details of market research on which the appraisal is based
  • A clear statement of limiting conditions or assumptions
  • Appraiser’s qualifications and certifications
  • Diamond and metal weights
  • Serial numbers, when applicable
  • A photograph
  • Names of anyone who assisted in the process

An example of limiting conditions and assumptions is evaluating mounted stones. Gemstones can only be graded and examined thoroughly when they are loose, but removing gemstones from their setting to grade them can compromise the integrity of the jewelry piece.

The content of the report varies slightly according to the appraisal purpose. Insurance-oriented appraisals tend to include sketches, photographs and many details, so that the piece can be faithfully recreated if lost.

What types of jewelry appraisals are available at Emerson & Farrar Fine Jewelry?

We are at your service for several types of appraisals:

When is jewelry appraisal done?

Jewelry appraisal is necessary in a number of situations, such as:

  • Insuring your jewelry item against theft, loss or damage
  • Estate tax evaluation
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Collateral
  • Estate liquidation
  • Curiosity, especially when the jewelry piece was inherited

How is diamond appraisal different from diamond grading?

Diamond appraisal states the monetary value of diamonds according to a specific market. Diamond grading is a detailed examination of diamond attributes included in 4 C’s – carat, cut, color and clarity. Gradings are performed in gemological laboratories and by officially-certified professionals.

As you can see, the two are not the same but they are connected. The market trends assign a certain value to diamonds according to their attributes. Knowing the market trends and your diamond’s 4C’s, you can make an estimate of its worth.

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