Brand Spotlight
May 1

Kabana Spotlight - May 1st

Emerson Fine Jewelry invites you to join us Sunday, May 1st for our Kabana Spotlight event. We will have an amazing collection of Kabana jewelry on hand for you to try on or purchase. This is a collection you need to see in person to truly fall in love with.

Kabana is one of very few fine jewelry designers and manufacturers that can claim its creation to be entirely made in the USA. Crafted by designers and artisans who have dedicated their lives to making our jewelry, weaving our rich stories into the next chapter of yours.

Kabana Mother of Pearl pendant

"Like the women we adorn, each finished product reflects a lifetime of refinement, its depth sculpted just as much by passion and precision as it is by any tool." -Stavros Eleftheriou

Kabana Detailed work. Image courtesy of Kabana.com

Kabana - The Heart and Soul of Southwest America.

Founded in 1975 by master of inlay Stavros Eleftheriou, Kabana was born from a profound love of fine jewelry and superb craftsmanship.

Only the most skilled jewelers are qualified to inlay a Kabana piece. Each gemstone is meticulously sculpted by hand to fit perfectly into its channel, and then thoroughly hand-polished to a seamless finish. Our solid inlay creates a gemstone that rises above the gold forming a dome, creating Kabana’s signature look that is recognizable around the world.

From sketch to final inspection, every piece of Kabana jewelry is made in New Mexico, the heart of the Southwest of America. Kabana uses only the highest of quality stones in their jewelry.

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