Emerson & Farrar celebrates 55 years with a roaring, Gatsby-themed gala that honors the elegance of the past and celebrates the tradition of bringing people together with style, flare, and attention to every little detail. The event’s charitable partner was Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. The celebration also featured a Masriera trunk show, and a luxury car show courtesy of Walters Auto Group—a co-LLU Children’s Hospital sponsor.

It is our greatest pleasure to have a part in the moments that become frames in the memory reel of each of our customers. Their stories become our own, and we share in the excitement, nerves and joy at each new viewing. This is Benny and Alex, and this is their story.

A film highlighting the intimate moments of a wedding day, and the part the rings will play in the illustration as they bind together the moments of their lifetime.

An Emerson & Farrar film that follows the holiday magic and adventurous spirit of a couple’s outdoor engagement.