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At Emerson Fine Jewelry,  we offer a curated selection of fine luxury timepieces, pre-owned timepieces, American-made timepieces, and antique and vintage watches. We regularly buy luxury timepieces from our clients, and we are interested in buying your Rolex watches that you don’t want anymore. If you are interested in buying a pre-owned Rolex Redlands, we are able to offer you superior restored Rolex watches.

Pre-owned Rolex Redlands still exudes the iconic Rolex image

The image Rolex projects on the wearer is one synonymous with success, luxury, and leadership, much like luxury items such as custom fine jewelry. Countless luminaries, political leaders, royalty and doyens in numerous fields have lovingly donned their Rolex wristwatches, which has made this brand one of the most coveted and recognizable in the world. Rolex has earned this reputation with their uncompromising commitment to innovation and the highest standards in watchmaking. Rolex is a pioneer among precision wristwatches – it was the first wristwatch to receive “Class A” chronometer certification from the Kew Observatory in 1914. This unprecedented event marked the milestone in the evolution of the modern watch.

Rolex is exceptional regardless of age

Even though Rolex is a large watch manufacturer, producing around one million watches per year, it still can’t be said they are mass produced. Every Rolex watch is almost entirely hand-assembled. The materials used to produce them are the finest in the industry and sometimes exceed industry standards, as is the case of stainless steel that Rolex uses. In order to ensure extreme corrosion resistance, Rolex uses stainless steel that adheres to the standards in the chemical industry. This supreme quality of materials guarantees endurance and longevity that can last more than a lifetime.

The advantages of buying a pre-owned Rolex Redlands

Buying a new Rolex doesn’t always make financial sense. Some individuals are reluctant to buy a new model because they have never worn a Rolex and are unsure whether it suits them. Sometimes buyers are not interested in new models because they have recently made investments in other fields.  

Not only does a pre-owned Rolex in Redlands cost a fraction of the price of a new model, but the market for pre-owned Rolexes also gives you access to discontinued models and reference numbers. Even though the differences between two successive reference numbers can be perceived as slight, the changes in models across decades are impressive.

Pre-owned Rolex watches have a distinct heirloom aura. Every Rolex comes with the stunning Rolex legacy almost palpable in its design and build. Every Rolex also tells a story. There is a certain thrill to buying a pre-owned watch and imagining its past life – the extreme adventures, decision-making meetings, life-changing encounters and glamorous black tie events.

In spite of having a past life, an expertly restored pre-owned Rolex Redlands gives you the long-lasting quality you can depend on. If your pre-owned watch is knowledgeably restored and refurbished, only you will know that the watch had a previous owner.

Rolex wristwatches are a great investment. Because individuals care about the Rolex name and the heirloom aura, they maintain their value--the more people value them, the better they hold their price. There are many Rolex events, social groups, blogs, forums and even fan clubs, that make the Rolex more recognizable than many other luxury brands. This level of awareness creates a demand that helps sustain the value of individual watches. For example, a 1974 cosmograph, originally sold for approximately $150, with box and papers, sold for $62,500 at a recent auction.

The durability and luxury of Rolex watches enables them to hold their value or increase in it. A number of models, most notably those made for professionals like pilots and divers, have become a collectible. It is possible that the same will happen with some other models in the future. Even though it is not definite that the pre-owned Rolex you buy will become highly sought-after, the Rolex you buy will give you supreme quality and pleasure of ownership for as long as you like.

What you should know before buying a pre-owned Rolex in Redlands

It is recommended that you only buy your pre-owned Rolex from a reputable seller, like Emerson Fine Jewelry. We can provide you assurances regarding the watch’s authenticity and the scope of restoration we performed to make it look and work like new. We will also give you the packaging and documentation that go with the watch. We will advise you on how to take care of your Rolex, so that it serves you for years to come.

Feel free to reach out to us to find out more about our current collection of pre-owned Rolexes and our watch services or visit us in store.

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