Vintage Engagement Rings Redlands

Which rings can be called vintage engagement rings Redlands?

Antique jewelry is at least 100 years old, whereas vintage is between 20 and 100 years of age. Engagement rings in this time period would be from the Art Deco, Retro, and Modern eras. If you are looking for supreme-quality vintage engagement rings, you should stop by the Emerson & Farrar stores that offer a vast collection of exquisite pieces.

Why choose among vintage engagement rings Redlands?

Vintage engagement rings possess unique craftsmanship and style, and are perfect for the fashionista bride that possesses a romantic love of the old.  Vintage engagement rings were crafted by hand and the metalwork of the rings was often designed with a particular stone in mind. The crafting process was slower and demanded a high level of skill and expertise. Vintage engagement rings were made with dedication and craftsmanship which is rarely seen today.

What should you know about vintage engagement rings Redlands?

If you have your heart set on vintage engagement rings, we recommend you purchase only from a fine jeweler that sells jewelry of the highest quality. The jewelry market today is virtually boundless and you can come across many overpriced, misguidedly labeled vintage engagement rings.

Your best bet in finding true quality when vintage engagement rings are concerned is to visit a reputable local jeweler who specializes in vintage engagement rings Redlands. Local jewelers have a reputation to uphold and they serve their community, so they are the most likely to provide you highest quality and service.

Styles and periods of vintage engagement rings Redlands

Art Deco period lasted from 1915 to 1935. The world was rising from the ashes of the Great War and there was a palpable belief in progress. The future was celebrated through opulence and jewelers didn’t hold back when diamonds were concerned. Art Deco rings have a bold geometric design and clean lines, featured both in the metalwork and the gemstones. Graphic step-cuts such as Emerald Cut, Baguette Cut and Carre Cut were prominently used. Common accent stones were Black Onyx and Red Coral. Platinum was the preferred metal, but because of its prohibitive cost at the time white gold was commonly used instead.

Retro period succeeded the Art Deco period from 1935 to 1950. Retro period was a time of expressly feminine jewelry designs. Two major influences were: the glitz and glam of Hollywood and the recovery from the devastating effects of World War II. The uncertainty of the times was reflected in the main motif of retro rings: symmetry meets asymmetry. Curves and femininity were celebrated, through fluid lines found in bows, ribbons and flowers. With bold three-dimensional design, Retro rings resemble wearable sculptures. Gold was amply used - white, rose, yellow and green. Diamonds were without question the preferred gemstones for engagement rings, but semi-precious stones such as aquamarine, citrine and amethyst were also popular.

Modern period started in 1950 and still continues. The clean lines from the 1940’s are still popular, but the rings are lighter and more textural. Platinum became the preferred metal and it still remains so.  

What alternatives are there to vintage engagement rings Redlands?

If you like vintage elements, but don’t like the idea of a pre-loved engagement ring, one option would be vintage-inspired engagement rings. There are many modern designers that focus solely on vintage motifs. Another option would be a custom engagement ring. Going this way gives you the freedom to make the ring truly personalized and unique.

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